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We Can Help You Grow and Protect Your Business

In the residential real estate business, wire and check fraud are constant threats creating serious liabilities. DepositLink is a safe and secure solution for real estate companies and their agents to collect deposits and commissions electronically.

Why it's safe to use DepositLink

What is DepositLink?

DepositLink is a simple, secure and efficient way for real estate companies and escrow agents to collect earnest money deposits and commissions electronically through the ACH network. Our mobile responsive website solution eliminates wire fraud and check handling liabilities for escrow holders. DepositLink increases efficiencies for both accounting staff and agents thereby enhancing service levels for their clients.

Who can sign up for DepositLink?

Any licensed real estate brokerage, attorney, or company authorized to hold escrow funds.

Can DepositLink be used for sales and rentals?

Yes. DepositLink features customized workflows for sales and rentals.

Does DepositLink send wire transfers?

No. DepositLink utilizes the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to transfer money.

Is DepositLink an app that I have to download?

No. DepositLink is not an app. It is a mobile responsive website compatible with any device you can access the internet with.

Is DepositLink secure?

Yes. We have invested significant resources to ensure our clients' money is safe and secure. Our proprietary platform utilizes the ACH network and bank level security to eliminate check and wire fraud. We do not store any banking information, nor do we share any personal contact details. Read more about our security practices.

Can DepositLink be used by brokerages with multiple offices?

Yes. DepositLink is built to accommodate brokerages of any size, with any number of offices and agents.

What kind of reporting does DepositLink provide?

DepositLink's admin-level reporting removes the uncertainty associated with unidentified checks, allows authorized company personnel to view the status of all transactions in real-time, and accurately reconciles bank accounts.

Does DepositLink carry cybersecurity insurance?

Yes. DepositLink carries a $1M per occurrence cybersecurity insurance policy.

How many banks does DepositLink connect to?

DepositLink connects to 16,000 banks and credit unions.

Does DepositLink cover international transfers?

DepositLink covers domestic transfers only.

What are the transfer limits and how long does it take to receive money?

DepositLink can transfer up to $100K Same Day ACH, and $101K-$250K Next Day ACH and $251-$500K Standard ACH.

Can I send and receive commissions?

Yes. With DepositLink you can request and send commission payments in minutes.

Can I split payments between multiple buyers or tenants?

Yes. Payment requests can be sent to an unlimited number of buyers or tenants.

The lender needs proof of deposit, what can I send them?

DepositLink generates a detailed PDF receipt for all transfers.

Is there a cost to agents and brokers?

No. Buyer and renters are charged a $12 processing fee when making a payment through DepositLink.

Can I schedule a demo?

Yes. To schedule a private demo and learn how DepositLink can help your business, please contact us today.